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Youth Recognition

The following awards are availible to Youth Members of Scouts Canada which cannot be acheived without going above and beyond the role(s) which they hold. Any youth which holds a volunteer role is eligible to receive either a "youth" or "adult" award.

North Star Award (Beaver Scouts) and Seeonee Award (Cub Scouts)

Chief Scouts Award

Queen's Venturer Award

Canadian Rover Award

Medal of the Maple for Distinguished Service

Order of the Silver Key for Distinguished Youth Leadership Award



The requirements to achieve All Top Section Awards are outlined in the document found in the Top Section Resources section.  Click HERE to view.



Section Leadership Teams will play a key role in the approval process, while Scouters will be asked to facilitate the process and organize a meaningful recognition ceremony (in the absence of a Council or Area ceremony).
STEP 1: A youth feels that they have achieved the requirements for a Top Section Award.
STEP 2: The youth makes a presentation to their Section Leadership Team outlining why they feel they have achieved their Top Section Award.
STEP 3: The Section Leadership either approves the youth’s request for a Top Section Award or provides feedback on any missing pieces.
STEP 4: If approved by Section Leadership Team, the Group Commissioner is notified.
STEP 5: The Group Commissioner or Registrar adds the award in the youths MyScouts profile.
STEP 6: The Section Scouter, a) prints certificate from, b) purchases Top Section Award, c) Identify meaningful recognition ceremony.
STEP 7: The youth is recognized with the Top Section Award within their Section or Group, with friends and family in attendance.
This youth-led process will help Section Leadership Teams to develop teamwork, leadership and communications skills.
There are a number of great resources available to help you facilitate a smooth transition:

Scouter Resources for Top Section Awards

How do I facilitate Top Section Award Recognition?

Top Section Awards - Scouter Flow Chart

Top Section Awards Log

Top Section Awards FAQ


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