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York Headwaters

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Area Key 3


Area Commissioner

Kit Cheng

Area Youth Commissioners       

Christopher Ching  

Mandy Chung

Area Support Manager

Alyssa McGinnis



Deputy Area Commissioners and Area Support Team


DAC - Learning and Development      

Bernard Hong

DAC - Member Support & Program Delivery     

Daniel Lei

DAC - Recognition

Rosalind So

DAYC - Recognition

Clara Estrella

DAC - Membership & Growth

Samil Chagpar

DAC - Safe Scouting


Area Administrator

David Mountain

Area Registrar

Jackson Kwok

Area Popcorn Team Leader

Mimi Quan

Area Secretary

Kristin Walker

Area Quartermaster

Jim Dawes

Information Management

Brendan Lau



Group Commissioners

100th Markham Group

Wesley Lim

10th Richmond Hill Group

Peter Chow

133rd Milliken Group

Ernest Lo

1st Hong Kong Canadian Scout Group        

Cassandra Ip

1st Maple Group

Rhiannon Wood

1st Markham York Region MedVents Group     

John Chin

1st Richmond Hill Group

Sheri Rilett

1st Stouffville Group

Neil Duncan

1st Thornhill Group

Ian Miller

1st Unionville Group

Katy Chu

1st Woodbridge Group

Christopher    Gregoris

22nd Markham Group

Vivian Hui

23rd Markham Group

Betty Chan

2nd Markham Group

Robert Lewis

2nd Unionville Group

Helen Tam

2nd York Regional Police Group

Jennifer Terakita

333rd Markham Group

Anna Wong

38th Richmond Hill Group

Clement Cheng

392nd Thornhill Muslim Group

Raza Datoo

3rd Unionville Group

William Sung

4th Markham Group

John Hotta

5th Richmond Hill Group

Bryan Miller

5th Unionville Group

Elwick Tang

6th Richmond Hill Group

Joseph Li

7th Markham Group

Maria Estrella

7th Milliken Mills Group

Priscilla Wong

7th Thornhill Group

Walter Matte

8th Markham Group

Peck Yap

8th Richmond Hill Group

Ersin Kutluoglu


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