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Nominating a Volunteer

  1. Nomination forms for all Recognition Awards can be found on the Scouts Canada National Website.
  2. Still not sure which award to choose? Simply use our Recognition Guide or ask your DCC Recognition.
  3. Once the forms are completed, submit by email to the DCC Recognition for review, or drop off at the Scouts Office.

Awards will not be considered without a completed nomination form.

Lost your Award?

If you have misplaced your certificate, contact your Council Office and they will replace it at no additional cost.

If you have misplaced your uniform flash for one of the National Awards, or would like an additional one, you can purchase a replacement at

If you have misplaced your medal or pin for one of the National Awards please contact the Council Office.

Award not showing up on your Profile?

If you have been presented an award and it is not showing up on your profile under "My Recognition", please contact the DCC Recognition.

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