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Extreme Adventure (14-17)

Extreme Adventure offers the opportunity for young men and women to plan and participate in short-term, adventure-based activities. The types and duration of adventures are limited only by the imagination and skills of the participants and leaders. 

Participants, aged 14 to 17, will not only plan their adventure but develop the necessary skills required for the activity. This could include first aid, canoeing, kayaking or map and compass skills. In fact, the training is part of the adventure and a lasting legacy of the experience.

An emphasis on team work and developing groups skills are major components to the Extreme Adventure experience. 


Some typical adventures include:

  • Hiking expeditions 
  • Cycling tours
  • Extended water-based trips
  • Adventure racing (canoeing, kayaking)
  • Inter-provincial and international travel
  • Snowshoeing
  • Attending major events like Jamborees
  • Long-term camping excursions
  • Travelling to other countries to participate in humanitarian projects

If you are interested in Extreme Adventure programs contact your local council

“We are proud to be Beaver Scouts because we have lots of fun and get to try different things.”
-Ruby and Georgia
Beaver Scouts, BC
“To me, Scouting now means a chance to be with my dad, pursue career ideas and meet new people.”
-Scott, Scout, BC
“The greatest reward is knowing that by standing up and taking the lead today, Rover Scouts are showing our generation that youth can make an impact.”
-Emily, Rover Scout, BC
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