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James Edward Fielding Nuttall (1934 - 2018)  More »
As you are aware, the forecast this weekend (April 14-15) is not favourable for travel, particularly in the northern half of the Council. Significant freezing rain in the event area is looking more and more likely for Saturday into Sunday.  As safety is our biggest priority, we have elected to postpone the rally to a later date (date TBD). More »
    Please see the attached message from our National Youth Commissioner Caitlyn Piton. More »
We are currently seeking a Council Youth Commissioner for Shining Waters Council.  Details and submission instructions can be found at the following link: Council Youth Commissioner - Shining Waters Council Please note the deadline for applicants has been extended to March 25th, 2018. More »
Shining Waters Council is seeking members to fill the volunteer positions of Area Commissioner, Sunset Area and Area Commissioner, Whispering Pines Area.  Deadline for submission of applications is March 31st, 2018. Details and job description can be found by clicking here.   More »
It is with joy and excitement that I announce the appointment of Lindsay Lacroix as the Area Youth Commissioner for Northern Lights Area, effective immediately. Lindsay is a Pack Scouter with the 1st Palmerston Group. She is currently in grade 11 and takes part in her school’s Student Council, as well as other volunteer initiatives around her community. Lindsay has been involved in the Scouting Movement for over 10 years now, and enjoys taking her youth out for new adventures. More »
It is with joy and excitement that I announce the appointment of Delaney Pomeroy as the Area Youth Commissioner for Simcoe Phoenix Area, effective immediately. Delaney is a Medical Venturer with the 1st Simcoe County MedVents Company. She is currently in grade 11, focusing her studies on business and marketing. Delaney has been involved with the Scouting Movement for over 10 years now, and strives to be a role model for younger youth. She enjoys trying new things that may be out of her comfort zone. More »
Are you passionate about Scouting? Looking to take on a leadership role? The Shining Waters Council Youth Network is seeking applications for the role of Area Youth Commissioner for Simcoe Phoenix Area. The Area Youth Commissioner (AYC) is accountable to the Council Youth Commissioner and shares responsibility as a member of the Area Key 3. Job description details can be found here: Applicants must submit: More »

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